Who is EMBS?

Based in a world heritage site in one of the first factories in the world, EMBS goes just that little bit further. We proactively source candidates with niche, 'hard to find' skills and deliver services that offers our Clients a competitive advantage. Very important when talent is in such short supply!

In the last fifteen years we’ve placed thousands of happy people in hundreds of exciting companies. If you are you thinking about your next career move we’re ready to help!


The Fab Four give us seventeen in 2018!

January 10, 2018

As we start back this January and dive into another year, we feel very grateful to be surrounded by a group of individuals that have ma...

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delighted to be a part of the Hairy Helmet Relay again this year. Love the video....brilliant work!... http://t.co/5SEOzTqtr5

January 15th, 2018

What our clients have said...

With EMBS we just know that we'll find a great person that fits the team. They always take the time to get it right